QR Codes in Supermarkets

Ever wonder what those square barcode looking things are? Well, those are QR codes and they are being used for just about anything now. These little codes are very helpful for people with smartphones. All you do is scan them and you are offered special deals on products.

Supermarkets are beginning to follow along in the fad in a variety of ways. Where clipping coupons is becoming more of a trend with the economy with the way it is and people now looking for even more ways to save that is where QR codes come in. QR codes when scanned at a grocery store offer instant money saving. In each aisle there is occasionally a QR code mounted on a can of soup or on the shelves themselves, asking to be scanned for a great offer.

QR codes can help save Americans money on everyday things and when scanned can offer something more. Special deals or “buy ten for one dollar” can be some of the deals offered. Sometimes on a busy Saturday morning there isn’t always someone that can help you right away with your questions. So, then you take out your smart phone scan the QR code for deli meats and are then given full nutritional values for each meat and even tips on what sort of breads and cheeses to eat with them.

QR codes in supermarkets could help with dinner for that evening. For example, a customer scans a QR code on a label for greens beans and then is linked to a site on their phone for recipes that consist of green beans or foods that work well with the vegetable. QR codes are used for so much so why not take advantage of the advantages? 

by Michael Costa

Find out if you are getting the best price

QR codes can also be used to find out if you are getting the best price on a specific product. Name brand products don't always have to be exclusive to one particular store. So at times when a customer is questioning a price on a product thay can scan it and see who has the best price. Which then when that information is shown to the store, most policies will give the customer the discounted price, thus giving the customer the edge with QR codes.

QR Codes