QR Codes and Social Media

Social media is taking over the world, and it is about time we all just came to terms with that fact. Its ease of use, fun games, and something of an inherent voyeurism in all of us has led social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to become in many cases the way friends and families stay together over large (and small) distances. We have 400 “friends,” a dozen of whom we have talked to in the past decade and 800 followers a half dozen of whom have ever actually met us and yet we are willing to keep going with social media for reasons which, as much as they are universal, are patently our own. 

Companies, too, have noticed the social media revolution of the past 5 years or so, and are coming up with ways to enhance their social media presence to at once appear “with it” to their consumer base and spread their brand name as well. What there is not a lot of movement on at present, but what there might be movement on in the coming months, is the use of QR codes in conjunction with social media in order to increase this social media presence.


Facebook, for many people, is the social media platform of choice, and for that reason, companies have begun to focus on it as much as if not more than any other platform. Companies can take steps to allow their information to go viral by understanding a few things about social media marketing, and while only one of these things is the use of QR codes, this part of the strategy might be the most important. Attaching a QR code to any post a company might make, a QR code which would take them to the company’s website, would drive traffic to the site, possibly creating new leads for business or converting the traffic into sales right there.

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There are a few ways to use Twitter in conjunction with QR codes, but probably the most important and versatile way to do that is by getting followers. You can do this in a variety of ways, including putting a QR code on all of your business cards. With the amount of ways people have for getting in contact with you a QR code might be perfect for you anyway. If your QR code could link the person to whom you handed a card directly to your Twitter profile and allowed them to follow you with ease, you might find you have more followers in no time. Also, you can set a QR code as your Twitter handle through a variety of applications on the Internet.

Twitter and QR Codes

by Michael Costa