QR Codes in Restaurants

It is a sad but true fact that while one of the things most people look forward to most when going out to eat is being served by a friendly wait staff, the incidences of this wait staff actually being friendly is are becoming fewer and fewer. For that matter, the likelihood of the wait staff waiting on friendly patrons is also diminishing. We are a culture that is somewhat obsessed with instant gratification, and therefore normal human speed is becoming too slow. Imagine asking someone a question to which they did not know the answer and instead of them whipping out their smart phones and looking up the answer they pulled down a dusty old encyclopedia and began leafing through. We are used to our questions being answered with a quickness we are incapable of achieving, and so too it seems we are growing impatient with the speed at which we receive our food… and if not that… the likelihood that speedy service and friendly service are part of the same meal is so small as to be an anomaly.

QR codes can fundamentally change the way in which we dine out, though whether or not this change would be for the better is up to the individual. The capability of QR codes to affect this change already exists, in fact, and may be implemented on a large scale in the future, especially in fast food chains.

The technology goes like this. The patron enters the establishment and sits down at a table. He or she picks up the menu and leafs through it, seeing what seems appetizing. If the patron wants to know more about a particular dish, he or she scans the QR code next to it with a smart phone and more information pops up on the screen. This information might be health statistics like a calorie count or even a description of each ingredient and where it came from, depending of course on the restaurant. 

The next step would simply be tapping an option on the screen which said order, customizing the meal to your liking, and sending it back to the kitchen to be prepared. The wait staff, having had no opportunity as the middle man to misunderstand the order, delivers the food to you and you are able to enjoy your meal.

In fast food chains, the process is even simpler. Just walk into the restaurant and scan the QR codes next to the food you want. Then, after you have customized your order to your liking and everything is how you want it on your list, you send it into the kitchen and in a couple minutes your food has been prepared. 

While many people would not like to see this change take place, it would not be surprising to see it happen, and only time would tell if the change was for the better or worse.

16 Uses for QR Codes at the Restaurant

by Michael Costa