Real Estate and QR codes

The Buyer

There is little more frustrating and exhilarating than driving around with your significant other, Real Estate Digest at the ready, house hunting. There is also little more frustrating than finding a home you might be interested, or for that matter finding a home you are extremely interested in, and not being able to gather the information you want and need immediately. What are the crime statistics for this neighborhood? Are the schools good? Is there an arts district nearby? A sports arena? What are the property taxes like? What is the asking price? The list of questions goes on and on and it used to be you had no choice but to wait for a real estate agent, someone you likely never met, to help you make what would probably be the largest financial decision of your life. 

Now, with QR codes, that information can be at the buyer’s fingertips, along with the information to that real estate agency. A simple app developed by the agency could organize the information the buyer wants and needs in a user-friendly interface, and this good experience might convince the prospective buyer to use the agency which provided them such an experience. Thus, QR codes again raises sales.

The Real Estate Agency

Putting QR codes on For Sale signs is something of a no-brainer, especially considering the nearly non-existent cost to the company. Not only will the QR code be promoting the user-friendly attitude of the real estate company, but the company will be able to track how many people went from scanning the code to contacting the agency, thereby increasing the efficiency of marketing campaigns in the future.

QR codes will truly revolutionize this struggling industry in the future, as it is one based entirely on trust, and the recent economic recession, or rather, the causes of it, have left people not trusting anyone with such a monumental purchase. If a QR code, and the information contained therein, can increase the level of trust even one potential customer has in the housing industry, it can be said with a great deal of confidence that the inclusion of QR codes in the real estate industry was worth it.

QR Codes in Real Estate

by Michael Costa

QR codes are fundamentally changing the ways in which some businesses run. This is especially true for those businesses that center around the exchanges of large amounts of information before the purchase can be made. There is perhaps no business for which more information must be exchanged before a transaction can take place than real estate. The amount the house is worth, its history, property taxes, the school district, and that’s just on the end of the buyers. The real estate companies need to know if their marketing techniques for selling homes are working, and they need to know quickly, as much money is at stake. QR codes can make the selling and buying of a house infinitely easier than is presently the case.