QR codes and Real Estate

QR codes in today’s market are being used for almost anything. Real Estate is no exception to the QR Code bandwagon. Real Estate professionals are printing out QR codes on any printed item possible such as flyers and business cards. QR codes can be invaluable to Real Estate agents for a few reasons.

Firstly, QR codes are a sort of free advertising. The Real Estate agency would only have to pay for the printed media other than that the QR code can go on just about anything. Just think, someone is driving through a neighborhood and see a for sale sign. Instead of having to call the number printed on the sign, they can simply scan the QR code printed on it and then are taken to a site all about the real estate agent as well as the house. Since so much information can be packed on to a QR code, a bio about the agent, customer reviews, and properties sold can be viewed via QR code.

QR codes can be another wonderful way of looking up actual real estate. A lot of buyers out there want to take their time and in doing so are thrown a lot of information. Condensing the information into QR form and then putting said information out to the public engages the customer to make a more personal decision when they are ready. Also, putting information about homes for sale in QR form makes a convenient way of viewing what is out there without having to scan through websites or flip through real estate magazines.

Real Estate is an ever changing industry and QR codes can only help it grow. Even private home owners who are selling without an agent should consider using these trusty little codes. A QR code can link to a virtual tour of the house and its square footage. It can really make the experience for seller and buyer an easier less awkward one. 

by Michael Costa