How To Make a QR Code

QR codes seem to have the effect of learning the meaning of a word you have never heard before. Once you know the meaning, you seem to hear the word everywhere. Well, the same can be said for QR codes. Before you download that app that allows you to read QR codes and utilize what they offer, you never seem to see a QR code, but once that app installs, you see them everywhere.

Eventually, however, the novelty of scanning them wears off, which is not to say the benefits to scanning them wears off. It simply becomes a part of your life like checking your email. See a QR code… scan it. But why let it stop there? Here is some information about how you can make your own barcodes to do whatever you please.

Have it Your Way

QR codes, just to make sure everyone is beginning on the same page, is a square code comprised of smaller squares (much like a barcode is a code made of bars) that makes getting information as simple as pointing your phone’s camera at the code and letting the app do its work. Once the code is scanned, the phone downloads the information from the barcode or is directed to a particular website where more information might be held.

Creating your own QR code is easy through a variety of websites. Just search “QR code generator” and you will be met with plenty of sites that perform the task with varying levels of quality and success. What makes creating your own QR codes particularly valuable to you is that you can make them do pretty much anything within the realm of possibility for your smart phone. If you want to allow your sister to see that cute picture of your baby, you can assign a QR code to the picture and allow your sister to scan the code herself. The picture will then be downloaded into her phone. If you want to clean up your business card, which at present holds your contact information for your home phone, work phone, email, Twitter, etc., you can simply put your name and position on the card and add a QR code. Not only will your contact card look cleaner and more professional, but, if you are handing out your card in the hopes of job opportunities, you have sent a message. QR codes are still new enough to be memorable in the right places (like your business card), and anyone who puts one on the card will send the message that he or she is tech savvy, a characteristic of ever-increasing importance in today’s technological world.

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by Michael Costa