QR Codes in the Grocery Store

Going grocery shopping can be a dangerous thing for your wallet and your waistline. It is easy to pick up small extra purchases here and there, a spatula, some parsley, an extra loaf of bread just in case. It is also easy to pick up all the foods you swore you were not going to pick up before you entered the store, the cookies, sweets and meats, all because you were hungry while you shopped and it all looked so good. These dangers used to be simply something we as consumers had to put up with. Not anymore, thanks to QR codes.

Picking Up Extras

Grocery stores spend millions of dollars per year finding ways to merchandise their products in ways to initiate an impulse buy. Buying that cake mix? Don’t forget these sprinkles! A can of coffee grounds? Don’t you need this special coffee scoop? They do studies that even tell them the best times to play sappy love songs to entice consumers to buy a little extra for dinner to remind their significant others of how much they love them. 

Soon, with QR codes, you might be able to find a new way to fight back. Imagine an app that let you set a budget for yourself and all you had to do was scan the QR codes on items and the phone would tally your total. Once you reached the total you said you would not exceed, your phone reminds you of this, alleviating any concern that you might get that dreaded surprise at the register that you are going to have some explaining to do when you get home as to why you needed those extra things.

Watching Your Waistline

The time will soon come when most if not all products will come with QR codes attached. The information found within these QR codes can be nearly anything, but one would imagine that in a grocery store, the information would probably center around recipes and health information. With QR codes, you might be able to not only get health information, but that information could be linked up with any weight loss app you have, prompting that weight loss app to suggest ways for you to prepare a particular food in a way that is healthy and delicious. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, the weight loss app may be able to tell you what foods to stay away from to help you better stick to your diet. Finally, if your diet is about more than just shedding some pounds, like, for instance, you have diabetes, you might have an app that would read the information contained within the QR code of the product you are hoping to buy and tell you whether or not that food is good or bad for your particular condition.

The Future of QR at the Grocery Store?

by Michael Costa