QR Code FAQs

What are QR Codes?

A Quick Response (QR) code is a relatively new piece of technology not entirely unlike a barcode. While unlike a barcode in that it interacts with smart phones and can carry a lot more information than barcodes, their purposes are similar, to transfer information from a code to a device. In the case of QR codes, the reader is usually a smart phone, and the information is either downloaded to the device or it directs the phone to open the browser and contact a website which will have all the information the creator of the QR code wants to share.

How Do They Work?

QR codes are extremely simple to set up, which is a major part of their mass appeal. Anyone can set up a QR code with the information they desire simply by utilizing the tools made available at various websites throughout the Internet. Once the QR code is created, you simply order the amount and type of promotional material you want the codes put on or just order the codes as stickers to do it yourself. The process is usually entirely free and, if not, extremely inexpensive, and allows for the convenient exchange of information from peer to peer or business to patron.

How Much Information Can They Store?

While this is a common question, there is no common answer, as there are a variety of factors which go into determining the amount of information a particular QR code can store. In short, however, a single symbol can usually carry up to 7000 characters, allowing for any information needed to be shared without issue. If the information which the company would like to share exceeds that many characters, the symbol will also instruct the phone to open a website, in which all manner of information can be stored without detracting from the total amount available on the symbol.

Why Should I Care?

QR codes have already made a dent in contemporary society, and as 2012 will be first year ever in which most American adults will own smart phones, the spread of QR codes only seems to be on the rise. It is not only that QR codes are going to be everywhere, but that their purpose is to help you get the best deal you can, or to be the most informed customer you can be. Furthermore, they aren’t just for companies looking to dictate information to the consumer. Given the extremely low cost of creating QR codes, people will be able to share information amongst themselves with greater convenience.

An Extended List of QR Code FAQs

by Michael Costa