Michael Costa

Marketing has always been a passion of mine; learning about what motivates consumers to act is a science and an art. With a master’s degree in marketing, I am always interested in learning more about emerging technologies and how they work to impact consumer behavior. QR codes and mobile marketing made their marketing debut years ago, but have held strong as companies experiment with new forms of consumer engagement – it’s fascinating! Having a bit of experience with mobile marketing through my own company, I’m fortunate enough to share my expertise and help get other entrepreneurs delve into the new marketing ventures.

Outside of my marketing world, I am an avid hiker and hunter who enjoy weekends in the mountains with my family and close friends. Taking home the big prize on the job and when hunting is important, ‘go big or go home’ is my motto.

As a graduate from a major university, I’ve found that healthy competition is a great motivator. I am constantly engaging with others in the industry in order to gain the competitive edge. I believe anything worth doing is worth doing the best; I put my heart and soul in everything that I do in order to get ahead and provide for my family. As the father of two boys, I have worked hard to build a legacy that they can continue – what better industry to get into than one that is constantly updating itself to utilize new technology and remain relevant?