QR Code Apps

It seems like everywhere you go everyone has an app for everything. When is a good time to use the bathroom during this movie? There’s an app for that. I’m having a hard time getting my husband to be motivated to do anything. There’s an app for that. I want to look more like Snookie. There’s an app for that too. There is an app for everything, so much so that it boggles the mind, with many apps giving hope that for every app that shows what your friends would look like if they were fat or connecting you to 500,000 ringtones, there are apps that through some miracle of science monitor your blood sugar and keep tabs on your children when they’re driving. While QR code apps might not have that same type of power, they can still help you use and create QR codes in fun and interesting ways.


One of the interesting ways in which technology is moving at the present is by consolidating different technologies into one. Whereas a couple years ago you might have owned a cell phone and an mp3 player, you might use your phone to meet both needs today. That is what i-nigma does. Not combine phone and music player capabilities, but rather it allows you to create and scan QR codes as well as use that information in a very interesting way. Since it works with shopping sites, i-nigma will scan a QR code and then compare the price you have scanned with the prices of other shopping sites on the Internet, coming back with best deal for the product you have scanned.


YPrintit does something amazing for someone interested in technology and social media. It does what a normal QR code scanner does… that is… it scans QR codes… but that is the most basic application for this app. What this app is really all about is creating business or contact cards which are centered around the idea of QR codes, but keep those cards on your phone. Basically, you input all the information you need to share into the app, choose a template, and the app will make a digital business card for you. Then, if you want someone to have your contact information, you simply pull up that QR code on the screen, allow that person to scan it, and they have a professional looking card they cannot lose.

by Michael Costa