A complete online resource for QR Code Information on the Internet.

Finding information about QR codes is not nearly so difficult as it was just a few years ago. What most websites have failed to do, however, is consolidate their information by dedicating an entire site to QR code information. Here, we have done just that. Check out what our site has to offer… with more pages on the way.


How Do QR Codes Work?

On this page, you will find general and technical information about what these codes are and how they work. The page will describe why it is that QR codes can hold significantly more information than regular barcodes, hand how they use character sets to perform their tasks. Finally, this page will describe how QR codes are able to be handled and mishandled without fear of them becoming unreadable.

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How Do You Make a QR Code?

As making QR codes has become no more than a matter of looking up QR code generators online, it is now more possible than ever before for someone to make one for their own uses. With this level of accessibility, the focus shifts to using them effectively amidst what will be a tidal wave of QR code promotion.

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How Can You Use QR Codes?

The uses of QR codes are limited only by the amount of information you would like to carry in the QR code itself, with the only other possible limitation being your own imagination. Pages within this site are dedicated to helping you understand how to use QR codes in new, unique, and interesting ways. By doing this, you might increase foot traffic into your establishment, on your website, and therefore give yourself increased opportunity to convert traffic into sales.

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How Can You Use QR Codes in Social Media?

There is a strong push by retail establishments and other money making entities to broaden their social media presence, thereby spreading brand recognition among potential patrons and the search engines alike. QR codes are perfect for use within the field of social media because, with the average user of social media being relatively tech savvy, there can be a higher assumption of prior knowledge than, say, using them in the newspaper, which typically has an older readership.

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How Can QR Codes Help My Business?

QR codes do a lot of the things tradition print advertising does for businesses and then ups the ante in a variety of ways. One of the ways it does this is by allowing businesses to track the success of their advertising campaigns. If a customer scans the QR code in front of the store and subsequently buys the featured item or uses the coupon they were able to access, the advertisement campaign can be considered a success. Furthermore, using QR codes which directs people to a page which offers a coupon only under the condition that the potential customer enters their email will help your company gain customer information without making them feel as though your tactics have unfairly taken advantage of them.

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